About Us

Our Philosophy and Mission

Little Antlers Learning Center, a Program of Mid-State Health Center, is a licensed, non-profit childcare center and is committed to providing early childhood education that fosters natural curiosity, nurtures independence, self-confidence and inspires a lifelong love of learning. 

We provide a rich environment that guides the development of the whole child while also supporting the families of our community. 

Our center currently serves children six weeks to six years of age.

Little Antlers is open year round, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Children Learning and Drawing with Teacher

Our History:

What was formerly known as the Mid-State’s Children’s Learning Center was established in 2007, and initially served as a workforce recruitment tool for our health center staff while remaining accessible to all children in the community. For over 12 years, our learning center thrived at the 101 Boulder Point location until we outgrew the space. Subsequently, the Starr King Church in Plymouth graciously provided us with space during the COVID-19 Pandemic, enabling us to continue our childcare services to over 20 children, ranging from infants to preschoolers.

Recognizing the substantial demand for high-quality childcare in our rural region, we embarked on the mission to expand our learning center. Our goal was to enhance early childhood education by accommodating triple the number of children.

With over 14 years of dedicated childcare service to the community, we underwent a large renovation and rebranding initiative and secured a new location to serve as our learning home! The new center, situated at 742 Tenney Mountain Highway, officially opened its doors in August 2022 under the fresh name, Little Antlers Learning Center.

Previously known as the old Sears building and later utilized as a furniture store, our 8,400-square-foot facility underwent extensive renovation to create the perfect environment for children to learn, play, and grow.

Although not an easy feat, Mid-State was able to create this beautiful space with help from many local grantors and foundations.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with others, to help more communities build something that is their own.

About the Name of Our Center

A local marketing company, eDriven Marketing, played a key role in the creation of our new logo, designed to embody the nature and play-based model of learning that we hold dear. The name “Little Antlers,” suggested by Colleen, a valued member of the Mid-State team, was selected by the community through a poll conducted in early Spring of 2021. This collaborative process reflects our commitment to inclusivity and community involvement in shaping the identity of Little Antlers Learning Center.