Mad River Tents helps keep Mid-State Health Center Covered!

Jul 16, 2020 | News

Mid-State’s Care Team Preparing for an Outdoor Tent Visit

Mad River Tents generous donation helps Mid-State continue to see its patients.

In March, as part of its response to COVID-19, Mid-State moved quickly to a telehealth model of care for most of its patients, but there were many high-risk patients who required an in-person visit with their care team to stay well.  Thanks to the tent generously donated by Mad River Tents located in Campton, New Hampshire, Mid-State launched a temporary outdoor care model to ensure its patients could be seen for their healthcare needs in a safe and convenient location.

Mid-State’s Medical Director, Dr. David Fagan said “thanks to the help from Jessie at Mad River Tents our care team was able to quickly adapt and ensure the safety of our patients”.

Staying healthy is one of the best ways to combat the impact of the coronavirus and Mid-State’s commitment to providing primary care to the community has never been more important.  As Mid-State’s care team and its patients return to the more familiar in-person visits, Mid-State has a plan in place for those who require limited exposure during their visit.

Mid-State and its entire care team extend their appreciation to Jessie Solberg of Mad River Tents for supporting them in their mission to provide sound primary care to the entire community during these challenging times.

As the region returns to work and more people are out and about, patients can schedule a visit with their provider for all of their regular visits as well as things like flu-like symptoms, rash and hives, and behavioral health support.  Call today to schedule (603) 536-4000.